• SEX... from Good to Great!
    Can you remember...
    what it was like to have
    GREAT sex?

  • Free of anxiety, pain or shame?

  • Good sex is
    good for your health!

Greater Intimacy

More than sex!

It is more than sex…..it is human health! After studying more than 38,000 people, San Francisco's Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality discovered that people who reported a fulfilling sex life rated themselves as less hostile and anxious, and more content. Good sex has a beneficial effect on our overall health, strengthening our immune system, decreasing migraines and insomnia, lessening the effects of arthritis, and improving circulation and stamina. During sex the brain releases the body’s natural painkillers called endorphins, as well as pleasure signals that counteract stress. It is during lovemaking that the body and soul are refreshed and rejuvenated. We feel stronger and more equipped to deal with the challenges of life.

It is more than sex... it is intimacy!

Human attachment is foundational to our sense of belonging and security. These building blocks provide the core strength for healthy human development. When we have solid functional attachments with our partner, family and friends, we naturally have a robust sense of self that is anchored in a strong support system. There is little that compares to the cementing of sexual intimacy between partners. They glue together in emotional and often spiritual dimensions what transcends just the mere physical pleasure. When people view sex as just ‘physical needs’ being met or ‘just pleasure’, they are minimizing the priceless jewel of intimacy that leads to joy and human fulfillment.

Sexual energy is a very powerful force in our lives. It can pull us together but it also can drive us apart. It can create deep feelings of connectedness and overall well-being, but can also become the source of frustration, alienation, anger and incompleteness.

We all know Size Matters!

The size of your capacity to believe matters. Believing that you can accomplish far greater than you can imagine makes all the difference.

Believing is the Hardest Part!

You and your partner can have a fulfilling sexual relationship again!

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