• SEX... from Good to Great!
    Can you remember...
    what it was like to have
    GREAT sex?

  • Free of anxiety, pain or shame?

  • Good sex is
    good for your health!

Reclaim Your Sexuality

My Mom Taught Me…

Anything worth something, is worth working for!

A satisfying sexual relationship is worth working for. However, there is no doubt it will take effort. It only takes a bit of work. You are not afraid of a little work, are you?

With coaching from our sex therapists it becomes work that is very doable. It is just work! Let’s do this together!

It doesn’t have to remain like this!

It is yours - don’t let ANYONE steal this from you! Your sexuality can be reclaimed... enjoyed and celebrated again. It just takes 40 seconds of courage to call!

Regular Sex – Use it or Lose It!

The active sexual expression of physical pleasuring does not naturally decrease as we age. Research suggests that the best predictor of future sexual satisfaction is past performance. That means that the sooner you get into a regular pattern of pleasurable sex, the more likely it will continue throughout your life.

For most of us the first challenge is to find a compatible life partner – one who shares our values. The next challenge is to experience not just closeness but intimacy and passion.

Some cultures, fearing disapproval, encourage couples to hide their sexual activities from friends and relatives, while others fully embrace it with normalcy.

After working with literally tens of thousands of couples over the last twenty-five years, it is our experience that couples can continue to work at developing closeness, intimacy and extraordinary sex well into their seventies!

Reclaim Your Sexuality

Your sexuality is a wonderful gift. It is your gift to accept and cherish. For many, this gift has been shamed, hidden, tarnished and even used against them to hurt. If this is part of your story, I am very, very sorry!

Our clients want to discuss areas such as

Sex & Aging

I remember an elderly speaker being asked, “At what age are people no longer sexually active?” With a smile spreading across his face he said, “It must be sometime after age 75!”

  • Low libido, sexual arousal and attractiveness
  • Living with resentment and intimacy
  • Painful sex and / or sex and chronic pain
  • Rapid ejaculation
  • Orgasmic disorders
  • Sex and Aging
  • Attitudes about erotica, pornography
  • Sex and body image issues
  • Sex after childbirth, illness, high blood pressure
  • Sex and disabilities
  • Sex and medication, depression, anxiety
  • Fear of being touched
  • Rekindling the sexual fires
  • Feelings of inadequacies
  • Not feeling sexy
  • Overcoming inhibitions
  • Performance anxiety
  • Problems of arousal
  • Premature ejaculation, orgasmic difficulties
  • How to create sexual trust again
  • Dealing with sexually compulsive behavior
  • Dealing with hurtful sex
  • Reconciling sexual unfaithfulness
  • Reconciling sexual orientations
  • Reconciling sexual preferences
  • Single adult concerns
  • Unconsummated marriages
  • Masturbation concerns
  • Sexual trauma
  • Inadequate frequency
  • Internet sex - sexting

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