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Sex Therapy

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy and couple therapy. It marries the strategies of emotional and relational dynamics with the sexual patterns and function of the individuals and the couple. Your sessions will start by discussing the issues you want help with. The therapist will take a sexual history and begin working with you, much like any other therapy experience. Sex therapy can be very helpful for any age or sexual orientation. Sex therapists have special training related to sex and relationships. Sex therapists do NOT have physical or sexual contact with clients at any time.

I am WORRIED about my partnerís reactions!

It is not unusual for individuals and / or couples to be uneasy about speaking about sexual issues. There are numerous reasons for this. But, mostly, it is because our sexuality is easily bruised by the people that mean the most to us.

When we are naked physically we are also emotionally naked and vulnerable.

Our therapists are trained to create a safe place for these difficult issues to be addressed in a protective environment. You will be amazed at just how quickly you become attuned to your therapistís gentle and comforting approach and this, in turn, will help you relax.

It is true that when we face either our own issues or the issues of our relationship, our ego can get hurt. Your partnerís ego might even send anger out to defend itself. However, this is a normal response. You will see the anger dissipate as the therapist helps you understand that your partner is angry because they are in a sensitive zone. We need to learn to not take it personally, even though our sexual self is a very personal issue.

Sex therapy has a high rate of success!

When couples have the courage to initiate the discussion with an experienced therapist, the rates of success are quite encouraging.

If you are struggling you donít have to do it alone!

Our friendly and experienced staff will be delighted to connect you with a great therapist, one who can work with you on your specific needs!

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How do I know if a sex therapist can help me / us?

Any individual or couple who has concerns surrounding their sexual experience can benefit from sex therapy. Often couples have historically enjoyed a fulfilling sex life together but have stopped being sexual due to life transitions. Such transitions can be childbirth, career changes, health issues, mid-life crisis, caring for elderly parents, stress, and or just simply aging. Other couples might be challenged by different sexual desires, preferences or frequencies.

We work with both individuals and couples to resolve these challenges in order to restore a healthy sexual life.

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